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So What’s The Fuss About Scrivener?

I’ve been debating on using this software, until I came across this post on Fantasy Faction. I’m going to give it a try. I’ll report back if there are survivors.

Review of Scrivener, the word processor for writers.

via So What’s The Fuss About Scrivener?.

Blog Changes (sounds like an interesting read right?)

Here’s the deal pickle; this blog will be undergoing some changes.

Not this kind of change.

Some really cool things are happening in my writer world and because of that I am directing all power from my brain cells to my work. Because of this…

I will be converting my blog to the website for my works.  There will still be a Blog tab, but I will be using it for write-ups on events and such. But….

If you truly dig what I do and want to keep riding the Frankie Ash train, hook up with me on Twitter and Instagram (author_frankie_ash). Also….

I am working on a newsletter that I would like to send out on the regular, so when I get that ready to go, I will post here to direct you guys where you can go to email sign up. Ya dig?

While I have your attention (and if I don’t…HELLOOOO!!!) I would like to tell you guys to look out for the August issue of Sci Fi magazine. ERAMANE will be in it!!!!! And, if you happen to live in/around/other prepositions that work the Winchester, VA area, the lovely folks at Winchester Book Gallery are hosting a signing for ERAMANE August 16th at 3p.m.

If you don’t preposition that area, look for future announcements on my events in the D.C. area.




Angry Robot Books discontinues Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Imprints.

Image from Strange Chemistry Site

Image from Strange Chemistry Site

Upon hearing the reports this morning of Angry Robot Books discontinuing two imprints: Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Books, I immediately went to the Twitter feed that surrounded this news. Hundreds of authors/readers/industry professionals are tweeting their thoughts/condolences and it shows how extremely personal this feels to all us authors/bookish folks, (I’ll stop forward-slashing everything now).

My first reaction was to Tweet my 140 character “sorry” but then it occurred to me that I have a bigger voice than 140 characters. I have a fan base (small, but powerful…so I like to think) and it’s my obligation to pull my efforts in another way. I can actually support these authors.

Frankie, what are you getting at? Are you a magician? All this holding out has got me on my seat’s edge. All thoughts I’d like to think ya’ll are thinking.

So, here are my thoughts. The purpose of this blog is 1) to inform those who do not know of this new. Read it here. And 2) to list the authors affected by this and their works so yous (yeah yous) can go show your support (actions are louder than words).

Go forth yee readers\authors\industry professionals (I said I wouldn’t forward slash gah) buy a book! Post it with your lovely face or cat or dog or ferret or ant collection. Show off your fabulous Tropical Smoothie alongside your newly purchased book! I’ll have mine up as soon as I get out today to get one. And don’t forget to hash-tag them! Or use this one #happytosupport. Eh? I’m open to suggestions on that one.

And, if you are unable to dish out the dollahs, support these authors by other means. Give them a shout out on Twitter, write a blog post on one or more of your favorite authors from these imprints,  vlog yourself, or your dog, or cat, or ferret, or ant collection? rolling around in copies you might already own…spread the word man!

Blog hopping…Why and how I write what I write


So, Lindsay Cummings (author chic who wrote a book I can’t wait to read…The Murder Complex) unofficially called me (by me I mean everyone) out to write a post on their writing process. At first I was like, “I don’t wanna, cause my writing process is top secret and, well, I don’t want to have to flash that little red light from M.I.B I, II, and that other one in ALL.THE.EYES. But then I figured, why not, I haven’t used it in a while.
So, hopping on Mrs. Lindsay’s Divulge your most secrety secrets train, I shall reveal.
1. What am I working on?- At this very moment I have a doc opened and minimized, and it’s labeled “My Sci-Fi WIP”. Most of you know a little about it because I have posted some peak-a-boos on my blog. But it’s quite more than just a YA Sci-Fi book, as they all are right? Am I right? I’m right. But aside from that, my lips are sealed, like a…(you choose the visual metaphor) and as Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that.”
2. How does my work differ from other’s of its genre?- Hmmm. It just does. It’s different because there isn’t a ton of young adult sci-fi out there. It’s different because of its plot and its characters and their motivations and the setting and the characters, and it’s a total left fielder for me. I believed (before I busted out this awesome monster) that I could only live and write in the realm of fantasy, because I love it so. But I’m also a huge sci-fi fan and exploring that side of my writing has opened me up to writing all kinds of different things…like my short story Serial Wanda. You member that post don’t you? Member?
3. Why do I write what I do?- Because I grew up watching movies like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Legend, Star Wars…I mean…I just…I love it like I love my own blood. Yes, that sounds strange but think about it…think about your blood and how sad (and dead) you’d be if you didn’t have it anymore. See.
4. How does your writing process work?- It’s not really a process because it’s not a rhythmic thing I do.
In short, I write every day.
In long, my mornings are precious. The Earth is quiet and it gives me a chance to be still and let my creativity do its thang. It’s hard to write on my WIP every day because there are also other things that I have to write: blog posts, Twitter snarkies (insert your own definition…it’s more funner that way), Facebook…all the social media what-nots. But at least four days of the week are devoted to my project and on a good day (three or more cups of coffee) I can knock out 3500-4000 words, on a regular day (one cup), 1500-2000. But, there are those special moments when you HAVE to write. Those moments when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t do anything else but drag yourself to the computer and work. I love those. And on those occasions I have written some of my best content.
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

After my morning writing session, I hopped on Twitter and found this: #WIPMarathon. I said, “What’s this?!” I clicked, I read; I followed more links and read more info. Since today is the end of NaNoWriMo, this offers a wonderful opportunity to stay engaged with your NaNo project. Check out more about it here.

I’m going to hop aboard the WIP train. I love working with other authors and being a support link for them too. So, here is my intro.

Marathon Goal: I want to finish the rough draft of my NaNo project and revise it before submitting it to my beta reader. I have over 30K so there is work a plentay! I also want to get book #2 of The Eramane Trilogy ready for editing. Yup…lots ta do.

Stage of writing: I’m at a little less than mid point I’d say on the rough draft. Arrgg. With Eramane, I’m in revisions so at least the meat is already there. Yay! (I think I might overuse the exclamation point. But it’s like my Gandalf staff, “You shall not pass!” SEE!)

What inspired my current project: It’s  sci-fi, and I luvz  me some sci-fi. The idea for this project came about while me and my hubby were talking about space, ’cause we talk about space…a lot. We’re not weird.

What might slow down my marathon goal: Ummm…just me. I’m a selfish writer and don’t generally let too much get in my way when I’m in the zone. There are things that can keep me from my desk, but I will go all “hadouken” on them and they know it;)

Best time of the day for writing: Morning, early, like before the sun rises. Not to be confused with late night. There is a difference… I’m just not sure what it is.

Just a little FYI

To those of you who were following my blog, and no longer receive updates for new posts…here’s why: the transfer lost you:(
I’ve contacted WP to see if it can be fixed, but until then…I so sooorrrryyy. It SUCKS!

But the blog rolls on.

This upcoming week is the last week for NaNoWriMo, and I must say…phew! Right now I have over 32,000 words. I will try to meet the challenge; I’m not stopping until midnight 12/01. Even if I don’t have the novel complete, I’ll continue in to December; I’m finishing it. I have had so much fun with it and even though I just published Eramane, I gives a crap. I’ve got stories man, and they want out. There is no order here.

Guest Author on Ink & Angst

A few weeks ago, I was on Twitter and saw a tweet from an author about a Halloween Gate Crashing post. What??? you say. So did I, so I followed her tweet link and it took me to the Ink & Angst website. At the time I had never heard of the site, but the post was interesting and so were the authors who participated. The post was about what scares the authors or what they like about Halloween, ya know typical Octobery things. Anyway, I retweeted the Tweet and in a few minutes, the author of the post tweeted me! Cool! She thanked me for retweeting her post link and offered me a spot on the Thanksgiving and Christmas Gate Crasher post. I was like, hells yeah! I’m in! Where do I sign up! And then she filed a restraining order.
I kid, anyway…she sent me an email with some Novembery and Decembery questions and promptly returned them. Today, she posted the Thanksgiving Gate Crashing post and I stopped by Ink & Angst to check it out. Here is where it gets super freakin cool, not only were there a bunch o guest authors, but Jay Kristoff was one of them. That’s right, misterkristoff and all of his giant glory, (I’m truly not insulting him, he claims to be of the beanstalk lineage, but I digress). So, can you imagine how stoked I was to see Eramane sharing a blog post with Kinslayer!!? Yeah Yuh!


BN Eramane
Book Nerd Tours will be hosting a ten-day blog tour for my novel, Eramane. The ten-day stop will include interviews, reviews, and other cool info about my book and me! There is a grand prize giveaway too, including two signed copies of Eramane and 10 eBooks so don’t miss out!!!!! Plus, there will some artwork in the giveaway as well. WOWB!